Banana and Date Cake

Banana and Date Cake

So let me leave Pinterest for now and get on with telling you about the banana and date cake. My inspiration for this cake from a recipe for Yorkshire Ginger Parkin that I pulled out of a magazine a couple of years ago that originally came from the Total Greek Yogurt website. I thought a parkin recipe with dates in was a bit different so kept it to try and it was only when I pulled it out of my archives last week that I twigged it wasn't a parkin recipe in any shape or form. Just because it has ginger and golden syrup in doesn't make it a parkin. How dare they falsify a recipe like that?! However, I know that recipes with yoghurt in are really moist and I wanted to do something with the banana that was going brown (another moist cake maker) so I played about with it and this is what I came up with. It's very easy to make and despite the melting method being used you needn't be exposed to the hob being on full blast on a hot day because it works just as well in the microwave.

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