"The road to hell is paved with good intentions." -Proverb

"I was reading something the other day that stated it takes, on average, 17 years for a new medical procedure or concept to be put into universal practice. That's a long time in human years, I thought.

Since I come from a medical background, it should be no surprise to anyone that I think in mechanical, medical terms. A is not working well, so B must occur to return things back to normal. Over the years medicine has become a little more open to the idea that normal is, well, not always average, so we've altered that mindset towards achieving one's baseline. Everyone has a baseline that is unique to him or her. That particular idea took some time to kick in as I remember running across it in Nursing school. It's in practice today, 17 years after I graduated.

You can imagine then, once I realized that I was navigating the waters of I-have-a-son-with-Down-syndrome, how I felt when I learned that most of the society's current assumptions about DS are medically based...


...and totally wrong.


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