Baking With a Toddler - Easy Cheese Puff Recipe

Baking With a Toddler - Easy Cheese Puff Recipe I realised the other day that I've done shockingly little baking with Ez. I didn't do a lot with Annie (thanks mess phobia!) but I've done even less with the Bear.

I decided then in a guilt induced haze that we must bake, so bake we did! I decided to start super simple so busted out this 3 ingredient cheese puff recipe.

I let Ez do most of the work and he loved every minute of it. He chose some spooky halloween cutters and some stars, cut the pastry (with a wee bit of help), put them onto the baking sheet, did the egg wash by himself and then smothered those bad boys in a lot of cheese.

I will admit that it was very hard not to step in and help more but I was very aware that I wanted this to be his project and I really didn't want to stifle his enjoyment.

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