Baking: Dark and Rye Flour Bread

Baking: Dark and Rye Flour Bread

As a family we don't eat a lot of bread. That unless we have toast or eggy bread. But no matter what I always knew that homemade bread is always better than the shop bought bread.

Now that my mother gave me her bread maker too I love experimenting with different kind of breads - the healthier the better.

I tried making a bread by hand too but my kneading skills are not so good I am afraid.

Anyway here is the recipe for Dark and Rye Flour Bread:

Ingredients for around 1000 g of bread:

350 ml of water 25 g of salted butter 1 tsp of sugar 270 g of wholemeal flour 270 g of rye flour 1 tbsp of dry yeast

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