Baking and autumn hope

Baking and autumn hope

Not all those who wander are lost. I've been thinking about this phrase a lot this last couple of weeks. Maybe because I feel I am. Lost, that is. I have been feeling low and unwell and lost for the past couple of weeks. I've tried writing positive things in hopes that it will cheer me up but I am not a cheerful-inspirational kind of person so unfortunately it did not work as planned and I got some not-so-nice reactions which left me feeling even more low, and questioning the whole blogging thing. I felt my blog (or maybe it's me) is going nowhere or maybe backwards as everyone around me is moving forward. So I tried taking a few days off and hide from the rest of the world - no twitter, no facebook, no contact with anyone. But that just made me feel even worse, as I watched one episode after another of TV shows where everything gets better in just 45 minutes, while I had too much time to think and not like where all my thoughts were taking me. So I tried to take all the anti-flu medications I could find in my medicine-drawer

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