Bakewell Bundt Cake

Bakewell Bundt Cake This is a cake I have been plotting for an absolute age. The Bakewell - king of desserts. A pudding masquerading as a cake. A tradition steeped so deep in history that its origin has been fought over for many years in its namesake home town. Pudding or tart, I am a fan of both. The wonderful frangipane filling, the sweetness of the ground almonds, the crisp base, and that wonderfully sticky jam. Perfect hot or cold, alone or with ice cream, the Bakewell has got to be one of my all time favourite desserts.

So I was thinking... bundts have that wonderfully crisp crust underneath, which would act as my 'pastry', I had some amazing raspberry jam from my friends at 'I Heart Jam' and I had a bit of an idea around those ground almonds too... Replacing flour with ground almonds gives a slightly coarser, but very moist texture - boom, frangipane. I just needed to check whether it would all work!

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