Bake: Pumpkin Doughnut Pops

Bake: Pumpkin Doughnut Pops

It’s been far too long since I did any fun baking. The boys may have a homemade snack in their lunch boxes every most days, but I’ve been sticking to old (easy) favourites.

With Halloween and Thanksgiving coming up, I have a good excuse to try something different; thinking ahead to any gatherings I may attend… I have made marshmallow pops for a few events recently; so easy to do, and it was tempting to get out some orange food spray; but I wanted to try making cake pops. Short of time this afternoon, and aiming for a fun treat for the kids as their dad is away, I decided to forgo the cake crumbling (and mixing with frosting, rolling, chilling, waiting…) and use my new doughnut hole tin. I hoped baked doughnut holes would be a little denser than a cupcake mix (thinking about sticking a lollipop stick into them!) so I followed a basic recipe and 15 minutes later I had some round(ish) doughnut pops ready to decorate.

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