Backlife Review -

Backlife Review -

Back pain is a part of life for me. A combination of an office based job, a lack of exercise and leftovers from severe spd when I was pregnant with LissyLou mean that I frequently have back ache. I need to work on my back strength and mobility along with my pelvic strength so that I don’t keep suffering as much as I have done. Daddy Ramblings also suffers from frequent back pain, probably a combination of the office based work and a reasonably long commute mean that he often complains of back pain too.

We were sent the Backlifefollow to review, a device that claims to relieve back pain, or your money back. Clinically proven to work and even used in NHS hospitals I was interested to know more about Backlife.

Firstly, it’s not a cheap piece of kit at around £240 so I hoped that it lived up to the price tag. Secondly, it’s not a small piece of kit, it doesn’t fold down for storage so you have to see the benefits to want to commit to keeping an item of it’s size.

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