Back to School - January 2014

Back to School - January 2014 - Cheetahs In My Shoes

Today the Cheetah Keeper and his Sister went back to school. In the pouring rain we tottered the 300 yards with 2 bookbags, 3 PE kit bags (couldn’t find the 4th, found it when I got home), 1 new bottle of medicine, 2 medical diaries, my bag with diary and meeting notebook and the most mahoosive art project involving 2 banana boxes taped together to form a gallery of the works of Jan Van Os (Dutch, 18C) covered in cling film to keep it dry. Seriously, I should have hired a low loader, a skip or a removal lorry.

The thing is, they didn’t want to go back to school – and, despite what everyone thinks about parents being utterly desperate to get rid of their kids after the holidays, I didn’t want them to go back either. The holiday hadn’t really recharged their batteries – it hadn’t drained them even further but they were still lacking any oomph – this is them at teatime yesterday (Monday)

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