Back to School

Back to School

Back to School So it's begun again. The back to school ritual. 

I've written before, about how our mornings go. I can't wake the 2 youngest up too early, or they have too much time on their hands. That causes major problems. I have to wake my eldest at 7:30am. But I can't get up with him! He is really grumpy in the morning, so I (don't judge), phone him from my bed, then lie there, coming around, until my next alarm at 8am which is time for me to get up and get dressed. Then I wake up the other 2, get them fed, dressed and in school by 9am.

So that's my crazy morning in a nutshell.

So, after 7 weeks off. We had an extra week because of our holiday. I didn't mean for them to miss a whole 1st week, I just misjudged when booking.

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