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*yawns and stretches* Ooh, hello! You still here? Was worried you may have all buggered off somewhere while I have been missing in action. In the entirety of my blogging existence I have never gone so long between posts, and although it’s only seven days it’s quite a big deal for me.

I had one of those epiphany moments you see, one of those sudden realisations that for a few weeks I have been juggling too many things and that it is time to put one down for a few days before the alternative of dropping everything happens.

I don’t have a great tale of woe – life is happy, we are all healthy, nothing major has happened at all. It is just that the pressure of house hunting (and it’s seemingly incumbent disappointments) combined with Syd hitting one of those spells that all toddlers go through where a bit extra parental involvement is needed, meant I suddenly found writing, or more specifically finding something to write about, was stressing me out.

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