Baby Led Weaning Part II: The Return Of The Food

Baby Led Weaning Part II: The Return Of The Food

I’m watching a lifesaving first aid video on youtube. Why? Because we just nearly killed Edgar and we’re keen to know how to bring him back to life. We’re fond of him. We don’t want to end his life with a bit of turkey; despite how it looks. Baby led weaning basically means watching your hapless subject break in half a bit of turkey, gum it a bit, then swallow it whole. He will then begin to choke as he’s eaten something the size of a mini cooper. You comfort and pat his back to soothe his tears. Then you realise that he’s crying because he doesn’t have any more turkey. Before weaning I thought he just liked to stick anything in his mouth, but the truth is he thinks everything is food. With every object previous to food he was just disappointed he could not digest it. We thought he’d been sucking his fingers, he hadn’t… he was trying to eat himself. Some foods make him screw his face up with disgust, before he swallows it and goes back for more. (Cont.)

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