Baby and Toddler Conker Play - My Little 3 and Me

Baby and Toddler Conker Play - My Little 3 and Me

We are bonkers for conkers ! All my children have loved conkers from when they were tiny and shook them in sensory bottles, to toddlers collecting piles of them in their toddle trucks, to big kiddies playing conker fights. I love them too and always have a tray of them in the hearth that stays there all year. They dry and shrivel a bit over time but I still love them!

Working with pre-schoolers and their families this week I have been sharing my love of conkers with them and thought I would share it here too. Conkers do pose a very real choking risk to the very young but with some simple threading they become much easier to explore more safely. Here’s some of my all time favourite baby and toddler conker play ideas.

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