Baba’s ‘I’m Bored’ Jar

Baba’s ‘I’m Bored’ Jar

Baba has a new saying

“I’m bored”

I will be honest it drives me totally and utterly insane.

He has been saying it for a while but with the half term starting it has got ten times worse and it really does drive me to distraction.

Yesterday I decided enough was enough. He has a million toys and a million things that he can be doing and to say “I’m bored” all the time isn’t using any of the things that he has.

I remembered people talking about Bored Jars before and went onto Twitter and Pinterest to investigate. Luckily Mum In The Madhouse came to my rescue and had some great pins and pieces on her site about Boredom Jars. So after researching them all and having a good look around I decided that we really needed on of these for Baba.

Almost like a mind jogger of the things he could do at home.

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