Baba and the Keyboard

Baba and the Keyboard

Baba is a fast learner, he always has been, and he’s a sponge.

He is desperate to learn.

He wants to learn something new all the time.

He gets bored very easily and that is when his behaviour pushes you to the limit.

So this year we decided to channel his eagerness, and his love for learning.

We asked him what he wanted to learn at home with Mummy and Daddy.

We decided there were a few things that we could teach him ourselves before paying out for things to see if he actually likes them. Between us we have art abilities, music and sport.

We gave him a few options and let him decide.

What came out top was learning the keyboard, the guitar, and Chinese. (Not quite sure where the Chinese came from)

But the keyboard and guitar was easier, having both of them at home it was just the case of finding the right kind of books for Baba to learn from.

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