Avocado and surimi cups (recipe)

Avocado and surimi cups (recipe) During this time of year whenever seen an avocado I always have the same craving: it goes back to the day when my mum used to do something fantastic with avocado flesh, prawns, who knows what else because there really weren't that many ingredients and presented it in the shells of the avocado. It was simply delicious. I have been finding myself googling for such recipes in an attempt to recreate what she used to do and instead have ended up giving up and using what I had at home and needed using, 4 ingredients: avocado, sushimi, coriander and lime.

This is the kind of "cooking" that I used to do when husband met me, he claims it isn't cooking. I don't know, it kind of qualifies, no?

I love citrus on avocado, I always add a squeeze of either fresh lemon or lime. This was the result today:


- 1 large avocado - 4 seafood / surimi sticks (2 per avocado half) - Half a lime - Fresh coriander

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