Autumn thoughts and a catch up

Autumn thoughts and a catch up

There is a distinct chill in the air. After such a glorious Summer, it's a little difficult to get enthusiastic about this sudden drop in temperature, though there are certain Autumn delights I am looking forward to... homemade soups and jams, crisp mornings, golden leaves and woodland walks, cosy knits and boots.

I've also been pinning inspiring and somewhat romantic images to my Autumn pinterest board to remind me that this season is just as lovely as Summer.

One of the bonuses that come with owning a house with a garden is that we have inherited a towering apple tree. It is starting to drop the fruit at a rather alarming rate, so I must start thinking up ways to use up the apples. I started with an apple cake last week.

We've also been picking wild blackberries as often as possible, always a real joy at this time of year. They are sat patiently in the freezer, waiting to be turned into jams and crumbles. I also found a recipe for blackberry curd, which sounds delicious.

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