Autumn Cinnamon Glazed Buns

Autumn Cinnamon Glazed Buns » Emily Beale Photography

These cinnamon glazed buns are probably the most divine sweet treat I have ever baked.

They are perfect for a cozy autumn treat.

I must pre warn you, that whilst they can be made without a bread maker. I used mine to make these.

My bread maker is one of my favourite pieces of kitchen equipment. I use it weekly to yes, bake my own bread, pizza dough and make cinnamon buns.

In the new year I am hoping to use it even more regularly and bring you some really great recipes.

I wish I had the time to bake bread by hand, but as a busy working mumma, my bread maker is the perfect way to feel as though I’ve baked by hand without the fuss of having to do everything myself.

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