Autumn activities list

Autumn activities list

Now summer appears to have ended rather abruptly, I need to get thinking of some more autumnal activities.

My summer holiday sanity list worked really well for us, so I thought, how about an autumn activity list? So here goes. Here is a list of 20 things I would like to do over the next few months.....

Go on a leaf walk (kick about in fallen leaves) Collect conquers and play conquers Do leaf rubbings Do leaf painting Do an autumnal nature walk Do some leaf number and letter games I found from pinterest Do some simple science experiments from a book BB has Cooking Carve a pumpkin Do some autumn crafts See a firework display and bonfire Do some sparklers Jump in muddy puddles Scary face painting Fireworks pictures Make an indoor den Have a family movie afternoon Make a guy Craft with pinecones Enjoy family time together It is important for children to get out and about whatever the weather, so I have tried to include lots of outdoor activities as well as indoor.

I look forward to starting my list.

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