Autism is not naughtiness!

Autism is not naughtiness!

Autism is not naughtiness!

So the Daily Fail is at it again, sensationalising a story into something much bigger. I wonder if they are secretly edited by Katie Hopkins??

This time it's a story about a 5 year old boy, suspended from school, in Birmingham. He is autistic, with ADHD. The school is reported as saying he was the 'naughtiest boy ever'.

So of course, the subject of autism and other related problems, comes under scrutiny. Before I start, I would like to say...


What is it with autism that gets such a reaction? Why are they constantly branded as 'naughty' children?

Now firstly I would like to say, I didn't put any 'ism' label on my beautiful 10yo for many years. Even now it's not official. I found his behaviour as a toddler very challenging, VERY. I didn't know why he would scream blue murder in Maccy D's?! I didn't know why food shopping with him was an utter nightmare!? I found it all so hard, I was still working, I was utterly desperate with my depression. I had even considered driving my car off the road, on my way home from work, late one night. 

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