Autism Diagnosis Two Year’s On…

Autism Diagnosis Two Year’s On… What Have We Learnt

Sleep is a luxury. Communication isn’t just about speech, but you long for it when you don’t understand what your child is asking of you. Silence isn’t golden, it’s a horrible place that can only be left on someone else’s terms. Life can be very intense. Everything has a routine. Food is a battleground. Waiting lists can last for years. There can be months between appointments. Visiting people can be a complete nightmare. Anxiety can stop you in your tracks. Leaving the house must be planned with military precision. People will stop talking to you. You have to learn to fight for your children. There is a lack of understanding. Meltdowns are nasty. Obsessions are interesting. You will get stared at. The future is a scary place. Live in the here and now. Education isn’t simple. Potty training could take a while.


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