Autism Awareness Month

Autism Awareness Month

Autism Awareness Month This month, April, is World Autism Awareness Month. With the 2nd (today) being awareness day. 

I know in our current climate there are awareness days for everything, but I think they are worthwhile. Obviously this one is closer to my heart though, because we live with autism.

I use this blog to talk about the success' we have, and the failures. I rarely talk about the stuff our family calls 'the joy of autism'. Every person copes with things in a different way. We have learnt to laugh things off, realise our mistake and learn from it! 

Things like:

Little A sneezing on K's head, to which K said, sarcastically, 'lovely'. Little A turned to me and asked what lovely was, I told him it was a good thing, when it is something nice. He then looks at K and asks if he likes having his face sneezed on!

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