… really, not AGAIN!

One of the most scariest things happened to me last weekend. NOW, I know that the cough I’d had a couples days prior was a WARNING. I had an asthma attack on the London Underground. Prior to the attack I’d had a cough for a couple days. I thought maybe I’d had one to many creamy goodies during the Christmas holidays. I sometimes get phlemy after too much cream. However by Saturday on my journey to the City the cough got worse. I stopped off to get a cough syrup, then, I met a mate for an early dinner. I didn’t expect a miracle but I thought there’d be some improvement. No such luck, I coughed all through dinner and en route home it be become harder and harder to breathe. Long story short staff at the underground came to my assistance

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Marshmallow Vodka & Marshmallowtini cocktail

Do my lips look big in this?