Assistance and Companion Dogs

Assistance and Companion Dogs

Guide dogs are a subject very close to my heart, first of all because when I was young we had a beautiful labrador who didn't quite make the cut for being a guide dog, but was the gentlest soul I had ever known. He was the kindest, nicest, most loving being on earth, and was so much more than "just a dog" for me. For the first time I understood the what these dogs can give people, and it is so much more than just eyes. He died more than fourteen years ago from cancer and left us all heartbroken. Lately he has been on my mind, because of Yon. I am known to worry mire than I should, and also well in advance, but I look at Yon and I have no idea how to teach him to cross the road safely, how will he be able to walk alone at night, or in places he doesn't know well, or go on the right bus... All these questions have been haunting me for quite some time, and lat month we had a conversation with Yon's advisor and she said he

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