Ask Annie - My child is scared of the potty

Ask Annie - My child is scared of the potty

A couple of weeks ago, I had a chat with a nanny on social media and she was keen to help out some of our readers, and so we ask to see if there were any specific problems that she could help with. Annie the Nanny has a wealth of experience, and we were sure she would be able to help with some of the more complex issues our readers are experiencing.

We had a few great questions come in, so over the next couple of weeks she will be answering the best of them.

“{Emily} is scared of the potty and the toilet – if I ask her if she wants to go without a nappy, she has a meltdown – she is genuinely scared and although I am in no immediate rush to potty train, I would like to try and get her over this fear. She is 2 and 8 months.”

This is a tough problem and I can understand why you’d like to solve it.

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