“Arrivederci Roma!” – A Photo-essay.

“Arrivederci Roma!” – A Photo-essay.

Well, I’ve returned from Rome having eaten my body weight in pasta and prosecco flowing through my veins! It was a well needed and if I say so myself, a very well deserved break too. :) For a while now, I’ve been looking into how people lived during the 30′s and 40′s , the war and post-war times when they had little to go by and while researching about places to stay at in Rome, we came across this old pre-war apartment that promised no bells and whistles but had managed to retain a lot of it’s antiquated glory. Slatted windows, high ceilings, ornate ghouls sculpted on the ceiling – the allure was endless! I wasn’t troubled by the lack of wi-fi or any other technolgical amenity as the place was spartan, run by an 80-year-old who understood very little English, though the younger amongst us felt decidedly bereft of oxygen! If you’re a first timer in Rome, then you will probably want to click away at every building you see..I did – until I realised ‘I’m in Rome, and everything’s beautiful!’:)

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