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Around here

My first week of just me and Jack has nearly come to an end and it has gone quickly. Tuesday was Mani's first day back at work after three weeks and it was a tough day. I was exhausted by the time 17:30 came around and hadn't achieved anything apart from feeding, changing and cuddling Jack. I managed to stuff two pieces of toast down my throat to make sure I didn't pass out from hunger and had a quick shower but kept sticking my head out the curtain to check Jack was still alright (I know that will get easier!).

Day 4 and I am slowly getting into a routine, if we have had a good night I won't go back to sleep after his early morning feed but if I am feeling rough I have an extra hour or two while he sleeps. The days seem to come and go really quickly and sometimes (like today) it feels like I have been feeding him for hours, changing nappies and trying to get him off to sleep. It is nearly 4pm and this is the first moment I have had to myself.

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