Area 47 activities

Area 47 activities Area 47 is a fantastic extreme sports adventure park in the Austrian Tirol. It offers everything from a high ropes course to white water rafting to blobbing to motocross and many more adventurous activities. I spent a day there with my 11 year-old son this summer and we both really enjoyed ourselves. My son was too young to try out any of the activities apart from swimming in the lake and whizzing down a couple of the water slides but he absolutely loved Area 47. A part of me was secretly relieved not to be able to try any of the scary activities because I couldn’t leave my son on his own but another part of me would have liked to try some of the things. Especially blobbing, where you jump from a tower onto a huge inflatable cushion which is floating on the lake.

My son was enthralled to be watching people doing amazing things like this:

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