Are you perfect submissive?

Are you perfect submissive?

You gracefully descend into the perfect required position and hold it, perfectly. You always follow every single rule and never make a mistake. You never let any bad or down feelings come into your thoughts. You always are ready to serve, sexually, mentally, physically, or whatever other way is required. You never get sick. You never get tired. You never cry or whine. Your body is the perfect shape and you are in perfect health. You are the perfect submissive... OK! Back to the REAL WORLD! That little paragraph would be what I call a summary of sorts from all of the fantasy BDSM erotica books that I have read over the past 10 years or so. In every book, the sub is a mess up front, but comes out the perfect submissive by the end of the book. That is total crap. We are humans first and foremost. No human can be, or ever will, be perfect. We can strive and strive to attain this high pedestal but will forever fall short.

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