Are You Happy?

Are You Happy?

Yesterday morning after dropping S at nursery, I went for a long walk. I had to drop some paperwork off on the far side of town, and I thought it better to do it first thing rather than have to disrupt my work later in the day.

It was a beautiful sunny morning, and as I walked along the tow path by the river, I passed a lot of fed-up, Monday-morning-ish looking people walking the other way.  I found myself feeling pretty lucky to be able to enjoy the sunshine without having to sit in an office all day.

On my way home I bumped into several people I'd not seen for a while, and also had a lovely conversation with a neighbour. He's been retired for 20 years or so and we often see him out and about. We were talking about money and happiness, and how the two aren't necessarily linked.

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