Are you brave enough to stand up and be counted?

Are you brave enough to stand up and be counted?

here is a lot of coverage this week of the Greenpeace activists in the Arctic being detained by the Russian authorities, and I’m sure many of you have read the newspaper articles, looked at the you tube videos and some of you may even have signed the on line petition demanding their release. But have you really put any thought to what they are doing? what they have done? and who they really are?

I know I didn’t!

I’ll put my hands up to it!

I was of course horrified, the authorities have gone mad accusing them of piracy? really?

Of course I agree with what Greenpeace are doing, what they are trying to achieve, but it was another news item, like so many in a world where we pollute, destroy and over use resources. I was simply a concerned citizen, typically British and reserved about the whole thing and then move on…. didn’t a lot of us do the same?

But then yesterday a comment on Facebook made be stop in my tracks…. hands to my face…. surprise….shock….. you name it!

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