Are you a "motherist"?

Are you a

There has been a lot of controversy lately about "Motherism". This seems to be about negative attitudes towards women who stay at home to raise their children. After reading Zoe Williams' article in the Guardian back in October, Do stay-at-home mothers upset you? You may be a motherist, I have realised that I was and, I must confess, still am.

As a teenager, I always wondered about mothers who stayed at home. I was a bit jealous when my friends were picked up from school but then, I thought, why aren't their mothers doing something proper? I was sure I would never end up something as boring as a stay at home mum. After my first child was born, I was a working mum and was shattered beyond belief all the time. Now at home with my two kids I am still shattered and endlessly tossed in a sea of self-doubt, split between the feeling of "Isn't this lovely, aren't they amazing, this is such a privilege"to "How did this happen? This wasn't the plan. I've got qualifications!"

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