Aqua Dome, Ötztal valley, Austria

Aqua Dome, Ötztal valley, Austria

As I float on my back in the warm, salty water I enjoy the feeling of weightlessness. The rugged green mountains and the blue summer sky above fill my vision. And then I realise that I can hear music even though my ears are underwater. I don’t know how but the sound isn’t distorted. I feel completely relaxed, as if I could float there forever. Then my 11 year-old son pulls me to the edge of the pool by my foot and says: ‘Come on, we’re going on the water slide’.

Aqua Dome

We’re at an amazing place in the Austrian Tirol called Aqua Dome. Aqua Dome is a luxurious four-star hotel, spa and water park which is great for families all year round.


There are 12 different pools at Aqua Dome and we try all of them except for the baby pool. Some pools are inside, some are outside and some are in a separate area for kids. My favourite place at Aqua Dome is the futuristic suspended bowl pool outside with added salt where I listen to underwater music while contemplating the alpine scenery.

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