Apricot and Walnut Shortbread Fingers

Apricot and Walnut Shortbread Fingers I've been planning these since reading Choclette's post for Chocolate Apricot and Walnut Tortes. I just knew the combination of apricots and walnuts would be a good one and I've had a yearning to make shortbread for a while now. Some people would argue that shortbread should be left unadulterated but I disagree. Yes, a classic shortbread done well is a beauty to behold. I've argued before that there is possibly nothing better than a shortbread biscuit but as an experimental baker I consider shortbread to be the perfect base to play with. I cannot lie, I have no regrets with these. Soft, meltingly buttery comfort with the crunch of the walnut pieces and the slight tang and chew of the apricots all finished off by the sweetness of the Terrys chocolate. I'm having to try really hard not to pelt down the stairs to get another right now.

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