Apples for Over Forty Years

Apples for Over Forty Years

Our apple tree is dead. It was here (along with two others) when we moved into this house over forty years ago. It was an old tree even then. We are going to ask a friend to cut it down in return for the wood. I believe apple wood is nice to burn in a kitchen stove.

The apples it produced were absolutely delicious. They were sweet and juicy and it was fruiting right up until last year. In fact last summer it produced a bumper crop. It was its swansong. When we first moved here there was a smallholding at the bottom of the garden and the pigs once broke down the fence in order to reach the windfall apples. I remember filling harvest baskets for the children to take to school on harvest festival.

My favourite things to do with the apples,apart from eating them straight off the tree,was to make them into salad along with celery ,sesame seeds and white wine vinegar and soy sauce.

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