Apparently The Tongue Ain't That Powerful

Eat Pray Love: Apparently The Tongue Ain't That Powerful

There is something I have been struggling with for a while now that I do not want to taint this new year with. Ever since I turned 20 (gosh dang that seems so long ago! Lol) I began to have what I call a 'Start of Life Crisis'. I began to dwell on things that had not yet happened; dreams I had not yet fulfilled; time I had apparently wasted; failures I have had; the fact that the perfect man for me had not yet shown his face; the fact that I did not look like the person I wanted to be; the fact that I am not good enough... the list is endless. When these waves of negativity would crash into me I would be sent into a dark hole of sadness causing me to crave the solace of my tiny room that provided some sort of refuge for my wounded spirit.

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