Any colour as long as it’s blue

Any colour as long as it’s blue

I used to live in house with blue shutters, blue front door and drove a blue car. My trench was blue, my boots were blue, my bag was blue. It was pointed out to me by a good friend that I had become that song ‘Blue House’ by Eiffel 65. Yikes. When did this happen? I quickly injected some red and white (because there’s nothing like a bit of red, white and blue is there?). I also explored the pinks, minks, greys and charcoals. But when it comes down to it, I just can’t help myself when it comes to blue. I love blue. Some women covert a wardrobe full of little black dresses but mine is all about the little blue dress. Ah heavenly blue. Here's my favourite blue dresses for the summer...

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