Anti-bullying Week: Fighting the Statistics with Love

Anti-bullying Week: Fighting the Statistics with Love Pulling together the best campaigns and statistics from #antiBullyingWeek with help from Mencap and Victim Support. Friends don't let friends bully, so let's stop bullying for all at source.

Have you ever been bullied? I have.

Apart from the online trolls that cross my path every once in a while, I remember a more traditional bout of bullying only too well, even though it happened around 40 years ago.

Being followed home from school on a daily basis, the group of boys 2 paces from my heels, calling out details of my physical appearance that they apparently found hilarious. I couldn't shake them. There was no escape before reaching my front door... that is until the day Mum followed us all and witnessed for herself what I had been enduring. It all stopped after that.


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