Another victory...

Another victory...

Another victory... I thought after all the doom and gloom I've brought lately, it was time for some good news!

And, I have good news! Quite a few things, actually.

First though, the biggest and best news...........little A is using a potty!!

I have tried, failed, stopped.......cried and worried! Then one of the professionals I used to deal with told me, quite simply, he wasn't ready. I worried some more. He started school, still in pull ups. Still with no awareness of what was going on. I worried a lot.

I had decided though, not to do anything for a while except talk about it. So we did. We talked about it a lot! Every day.

However, we never asked him to do anything about it, just explained what was going to happen when he was ready. We talked about doing it in the school summer holiday, that way it was just me doing it with him, meaning no confusion for little A.

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