Another Apple Cake

Another Apple Cake

I'm not a huge fan of the Hairy Bikers, I have to say. While I'm more interested in the food than the appearance of most of the chefs on TV, the 'hairy' element is something that has always put me off. That said, I've always quite liked what I've seen of the food the Bikers produce.

There are quite a lot of recipes in the book that look worth having a go, whether you're on a diet or not, and given that saving a few calories is always a good thing, I was particularly drawn to the section on cakes and sweet things.

I made the apple cake that is allegedly 229 calories a slice if you divide the cake between 12 people. Dividing between 12 might sound quite mean, but it's quite a big cake and there's plenty of flavour to give you a tasy mouthful, even if it is on the small side...

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