Anne Frank House Amsterdam

Anne Frank House Amsterdam

So much of our knowledge of the Second World War and the persecution of the Jews is defined by The Diary of Anne Frank. This incredible story of an ordinary Jewish girl and her family hiding from the Germans has moved generations of people worldwide.

When we went to Amsterdam, I knew we had to visit the Anne Frank House.

It's hard to describe the experience. It is so moving. From the first quote from the diary displayed on the wall, I felt myself on the brink of tears. If I'd have let myself go, I know I would have found myself sobbing uncontrollably,

The diary paints such a vivid picture of a life we just can't imagine, a life too horrific for words.

The house is full or artefacts - including the diary itself, as well as photos and even things like the marks on the wall to show how Anne had grown during her time in hiding.

The place is packed out with people, yet the silence is deafening. Everyone is so moved that they feel to speak would be disrespectful.

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