Anglesey 2013

Anglesey 2013 -

After a fantastic holiday on Anglesey last year I think both Daddy Ramblings and I were disappointed that we hadn’t booked to go back this year so we booked a last minute trip this week to Anglesey.

Anglesey just feels right to me, I can’t truly explain it apart from saying that when I’m there I feel strangely at home. Maybe it’s just that we had such a great time last year and again this trip, maybe it’s that my grandparents lived there when I was little or maybe it’s just that I’ve had some great childhood holidays there too. Maybe not, maybe it’s just where I feel everything clicks into place, where I think we’ve found the best of many worlds. I’m not saying I would want to live there full time, I’m not naive enough to think that a place where you holiday could necessarily be a place to live but I do think it could be the place to have a holiday home, somewhere to explore for many a year to come.

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