And so it Ends.....

And so it Ends.....

And so it Ends..... For many of us today, Christmas came to an end. In our case, little A fell asleep on the floor last night so that's where I slept with him. Then today hubby went back to work.

The sneaky clean up has begun. Half the window trimmings disappeared, without any of the boys noticing. Corners were found and empty boxes were thrown out. I won't take all the trimmings down until New Year is over, I do like to tone it down a little though.

So, was it good??

Actually, yes. It wasn't too bad. I was very careful about what Santa gave them, so each child got what they wanted, but didn't get too much. The eldest is over the moon with his concert tickets. The tween has been lost to his Hudl, since he opened it. Little A...............has completely ignored his main present (an electric quad)!!! However the abundance of Lego has been a huge success.

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