And Now The Hard Work Begins.

If you follow my blog, you will know that about six weeks ago, I broke my leg. Has it really been six weeks!?! I know you're thinking 'Where has the time gone?' I know I am! And today was a momentous occasion. Today I had my cast removed.

It was a weird sensation watching a nurse take what looks like a circular saw to your leg! But it didn't take long. Then I had to have an X-ray before I saw the consultant who told me that he was quite happy with how my leg had healed and told me I had to go back in four months. He also prescribed some physiotherapy to help my leg get back up to full strength. Exercising This is where I was impressed because we took the slip straight round to the physiotherapy department and I was expecting to have my first appointment on another day, but there was a physiotherapist free who could see me there and then. She gave me som exercises and showed me how to use my crutches to help me learn to walk again now I had no plaster.

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