An Open Letter to Michael Gove MP

An Open Letter to Michael Gove MP - Cheetahs In My Shoes

Dear Mr Gove

I attended the St Albans Chamber of Commerce Networking Lunch at which you were speaker. I was there in both a business sense (I have my own business and was representing one of my key clients) and as a parent of two children of primary school age who have additional medical needs.

There were several points that you made that I completely agree with. The culture of ‘instant gratification’ needs to end, employers need employees who can write and spell well, have a good grasp of maths and are prepared to, and want to learn. Having a degree does not mean an automatic entitlement to a job, let alone respect in the workplace. Businesses need resourceful, industrious and flexible candidates applying for jobs – as you said, they need ‘character’ and at the moment, this just isn’t happening.

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