An Oldie: Call Me Ho, Ho, Ho!

An Oldie: Call Me Ho, Ho, Ho!

Yesterday, as I drove my 16-year-old exchange student, Denmark (as she’s known here), to run some errands, she said something that many of us do about this time of year: ”People always say that this is a happy time of year; that we should all be in the Christmas spirit; but it seems like everyone is totally stressed out, rushing around and just buying things like crazy… no one seems all that happy.” Wow. I was struck by how familiar that was, but how mournful it sounded coming from my usually über cheerful Danish daughter. “I think people just lose sight of so much this time each year, myself included. Some year I think we should all agree not to buy a single gift for each other, and only give to others who need them.” I replied. “However, I can’t deny that I would miss my presents!” I added. We laughed, but I felt a twinge of that same guilt I often feel when I think of all the good fortune our family enjoys.

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