An interview with my boys… » Emily Beale Photography

An interview with my boys… » Emily Beale Photography

Last week I become the mother of a fourteen year old and my youngest son started school full time all on the same day!

To mark this grand occasion I decided to interview my boys at this stage of their lives.

You can find my first interview with my youngest son Nathaniel here. But here are my interviews with my older boys…

Tayler aged 10 and a half, typical for his age – it’s all about the food!

Jarom now 14, the typical teenager who hates me writing this blog, but I’m hopeful that one day he will thank me.

I’ve realised that my boys really need a boost in confidence. Hopefully this is something I can help them with. The ‘thing I do best’ question was the one they found most difficult to answer.

This is not only a fantastic record of where my boys are right now, but an indictor of where I might be able to help a them a little – especially building confidence!

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