An Impromptu Blackpool Trip

An Impromptu Blackpool Trip

On Wednesday the hubby decided to take a day off work and wanted us all to go to Blackpool for the day. I got the kids ready, iPads, DS and games in hand, and we got in the car. Leaving our house at 9 o'clock we figured we could be in Blackpool by lunchtime and have some lovely fish and chips for lunch.

After a long trip there, quiet children (some of the time), and very achy bottoms we arrived in Blackpool at 11:30am and headed straight for our favourite fish and chip place. It's not on the sea-front, it's tucked back a little behind one of the amusements. We've tried a few places but 'C Fresh' does the best fish and chips in Blackpool - in our opinion - so we stick with it.

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