An Idiot's Guide to Weaning Your Baby. By An Idiot.

An Idiot's Guide to Weaning Your Baby. By An Idiot.

Finding the right way to wean your baby onto solids is like arguing about the existence of UFO’s. No-one knows anything for certain, but everyone has an opinion.

Apart from alien abductees. They think you should start by making simple fruit purees and build up to harvesting human flesh for when the inevitable invasion happens and you need to keep the bug-eyed Overlords on side.

The lack of a concrete answers extends all the way up to the so-called experts who will happily dispense well-researched and independently verified advice that you ABSOLUTELY MUST FOLLOW OR YOUR BABY WILL DIE, only to change their minds a nanosecond later.

We got our first hint of what was to come not long after Edgar was born.

Me: I’m having trouble breastfeeding. Do you think it might be best to give him some formula to be going on with?

Midwife #1: And he will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy their babies with cartons of Aptamil.

Midwife #2: Ah away with you. Here, let’s give him some cake.

So I've decided to cut through the gubbins and create a foolproof weaning guide.

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