An Autumn Walk

An Autumn Walk

Our long Sunday hill walk was in danger of being rained off and our much needed fresh air would leave two little boys climb the walls and fractious. So with a mummy knows best determination, a quick change of plan is made. Our new destination are the sturdy pathways of the canal, arriving by car just in case of a down pour.

We have some lovely canal paths near our home, semi rural with good walkways running alongside. We’ve walked, even cycled them often, and so know the many delights we will find along the way. There is the canal side home with a smallholding, goats, pigs and chickens to point out and be amused by. The Canal basin, where many narrow boats are moored, and as we pass them we can sneak a peek between the curtains, to an enviable little home in a corridor.

So off we set, unsure of how far we would be able to venture before the weather called a halt to our escapades.

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